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Our story

Welcome to WEINS Toyota Kanagawa Co., Ltd.

WEINS Toyota Kanagawa Co., Ltd is a company formed as a combination of three companies [Yokohama Toyopet (1956); Toyota Corolla Kanagawa (1961); Netz Toyota Kanagawa. Co., Ltd (1968)] under the Weins group. Since our establishment, we have grown to become the leading car dealer in Japan. Together we became one of the biggest Toyota and Lexus franchise car dealer with 177 dealership shops and over 4,200 employees across (as of January 2023) Kanagawa Pref in Japan.

We are excited to start this new chapter with New Name and join forces with our sister companies. With over 60 years in the car industry and as a Toyota dealer, this fresh start will strive us to offer better services. We are looking forward to fulfilling your car needs dreams. Let us find the used vehicle you have been looking for, especially Toyota used cars.

To become the first choice for our customers, we have been engaged in various activities beyond customer services and creating comfortable showrooms and shops. We promote traffic safety and provide internships for university and vocational school students. As SDGs partner, we thrive by thinking and acting about the future while looking at the entire community's welfare.

Among others, our services include selling brand new and used cars (Toyota/ Lexus), providing maintenance, inspection, car and life insurance, repairs of automobiles, etc.

Our Japanese used cars from us are of High-Quality because most of them are trade-ins (not from Japanese auction houses) from our customers. These units have also been well maintained by us through our trained Toyota Professional Mechanics and as per Toyota guidance. In addition, most of our customers here in Japan treat and keep their cars in excellent condition. That is why you must be surprised at how good our second-hand cars' exterior, interior and mechanical conditions are despite being used cars.

Our motto is "Creating New Happiness" through our products (cars) and services to our customers". We hope you will experience a 100% stress-free and hassle-free direct import of japanese vehicles from a Toyota dealer in Japan. We update Our stock daily, Check and Search for the Japanese vehicles or second-hand cars you are looking for in our inventory. We are also members of TCV (formerly tradecarview) and Car From Japan. We can also link you to a forwarder for Logistic services in Tanzania and Kenya.

Please experience the Toyota Dealer's service and feel the difference in our High-Quality used cars.

Feel free to contact us for all your used cars from Japan needs and make a business relationship with us.

Every customer is an opportunity to "create New Happiness" for us. As we look forward to receiving your inquiries, we hope you will be satisfied with our Japanese Used cars and services.

WHY Choose to Buy, or Import Used Cars from WEINS Toyota Export Site?

Buying and importing a used vehicle online from Japan can be challenging when there are already so many market choices and bad examples. As a Toyota dealer, we aim to help people from around the world obtain used cars / second-hand vehicles / Toyota used cars directly from us. We offer Great used car deals you can trust that are worth your money. You can buy or import used cars in Japan like a Pro at WEINS Toyota Export Site while enjoying the Toyota dealer service level. As Toyota Trusted us with selling their cars, you are in safe hands and should be 100% confident that you will get your vehicle.

Most of our stocks are High Quality used cars sourced directly from end-users (trade-ins non-auction) in Japan. All the listed second-hand vehicles have been inspected (the inspection report can be provided upon request) and verified using our over 60 years of experience before listing them as our stock.

As an export of Japanese used cars, we 100% conduct business transparently, including how we showcase our cars. That means what you see is what you get "As It Is". We don't temper with your vehicle in anyways. That means verified genuine mileage and cosmetic and mechanical conditions. To give the customers peace of mind, we enable the customers to see the cars from all angles. We take the extra mile to have additional pictures showing all the dents and scratches.

How Much Can You Save?

Usually Dealers like us are the one supplying the cars to the used cars Auction houses in Japan. Auction houses will sell those cars to highest bidder among their members (most of the car exporters). There are several costs associated with buying cars from the auction such as auction fees, local taxes (10% of the price), local transportation, etc. amount to between $500 - $1,000 depending on the car. These costs are normally added to the car costs before being sold by any regular Japanese used car exporters. Therefore, by buying directly from the us (dealer) you save those costs and more for the same quality of car.

In addition, as a token of appreciation we give $100 voucher to you which can be used by you, a friend or family member for the next car purchase from us. Whenever you're ready to buy or import your next used car from Japan, simply present your voucher to our sales consultant and take advantage of your voucher within the valid period.

Be smart and chosse to buy directly from a Toyota dealer for a high-quality used car with value for your money!

1. High-quality Japanese used cars

Being the No. 1 New and Used Car Toyota Dealer at Kanagawa in Japan, we have established a strong base of loyal customers. We continue to keep their relationships with them by providing them with the best price for their vehicles when they sell or trade-in to us whenever they upgrade their cars.

Most of these vehicles have been under our warranty and or serviced by us. This allows us to obtain high-quality vehicles for our customers to buy Japanese used cars that have been maintained under Toyota's high-quality standards.

2. Certified Vehicles

Our team of experts conduct Vehicle Inspection to confirm and verify the exact condition of the vehicles. The vehicles undergo three-point inspections before being selected as our stocks.

  1. First, the assessment is conducted to determine the value of the car during trade-in.
  2. Second, the inspection is performed to assess the vehicle's condition after arriving at our sorting facility.
  3. Third, the units selected for export undergo their final inspection before being listed.

Only cars that have been inspected and passed all of the three point's inspections will be listed on our website. Our Used Vehicles are vehicles that have been inspected and approved by WEINS Toyota Kanagawa as the highest quality vehicles that you can buy with peace of mind. The best used cars, inspected and certified by our team of experts.

Please note that as used cars, we sale them "as it is" and don't provide any FREE warranty, guarantee or extended warranties.

Why Certified vehicles?
  • Protection from stolen, scam and forged vehicles
  • Protection from tampered/reversed meter vehicles
  • Checked and Verified actual mileage and conditions
  • Protection from repaired and accidental vehicles

Buying Japanese used cars has never been this safer!

Company Information

Company Name: WEINS Toyota Kanagawa Co., Ltd (ウエインズトヨタ神奈川株式会社)

※ A combination of three companies [Yokohama Toyopet (1956); Toyota Corolla Kanagawa (1961); Netz Toyota Kanagawa. Co., Ltd(1968) ]

Year Established 2023 / 1 / 1
Capital 10 Million Yen
Representative Director Kanji Miyahara
Number of employees 4,299 (as of September 2022)
Revenue Yokohama Toyopet: 119,317 Million yen (March 2021 results)
Number of shops Toyota [New: 129 / U-car: 39 / Lexus New: 7 / Lexus CPO:2
Location Address: 33 Yamashita-Cho, Naka-Ku,
Yokohama, Japan 231-8530.
Phone number: +81-45-622-3777
Mobile: +81908-181-3104
Mail address [email protected]
Group Company Weins Group
Business Content
  1. Sales of new cars (Toyota / Lexus)
  2. Sales of U-Car (used cars)
  3. Maintenance, inspection and repair of automobiles
  4. Sales of automobile-related parts, supplies, oil, etc.
  5. Non-life insurance agency and life Business related to insurance solicitation
  6. Car leasing business
  7. Car purchase business
  8. Sales of mobile phones (au)

Payment Condition

100% of the invoice amount before shipment by bank transfer only.
Please note that partial payments are not allowed and will be bounced back.

Bank Account Details

Bank Name:
Branch Name:
Branch Code:
YOKOHAMA, Japan 231-0005
Name of Account Holder:
Account Number:


All the Japanese Used cars listed are only for export sale, and we cannot sell our cars wholesale in Japan.


If you need any help, please call us or contact us via the following numbers (available on WhatsApp).

New Zealand:
+81707-541-8079 ; WhatsApp (Attention: Ash)
Ocean Region (Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, UK, Ireland):
+81809-814-0940 ; WhatsApp
Africa and other regions:
+81-80-5682-7166 ; WhatsApp

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