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News Release

Summer Holidays Notice (August 8-16th)

date: Sep/17/2023(JST)

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Our office will be closed on the following date due to Summer Holidays called Obon: -

  • August 10 - 16th (Summer Holiday)  

Our business will resume on Thursday, 17th August 2023.

There will be no new stock updates available during this period.

However, we will still have limited access to emails.


If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can reach out to +81 80 5682 7166 or+81 90 8181 3104.

Kind regards,

WEINS Toyota Kanagawa

Sabasaba Stock! Especial for Tanzania Customers

date: Jul/01/2023(JST)

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for choosing WEINS Toyota Export for your car needs.

We participated in the 47th Sabasaba event this year in Tanzania.

Thank you to those who visited our booth and purchased cars at the event.

For this special event, we had few units especial for the Sabasaba event and the promotion sale still going on.

All the car the price is C&F with inspection to Dar es salaam.

To inquire contact us via +81-80-5682-7166 WhatsApp

No Chassi number Vehicle Model First Reg. Date Mileage Color Displacement Price Status
1 ACA38-5160786 Vanguard ACA38W 2010/June 49,862 Dark Steel 2400cc SOLD  
2 ZCA25-0021977 RAV4 ZCA25W 2004/March 73,987 Silver 1800cc $4,200 In Tanzania
3 NCZ20-0104533 Raum NCZ20 2007/January 39,432 Pearl white 1500cc SOLD  
4 ANH10-0112934 Alphard ANH10W 2005/May 65,995 SIlver 2400cc $4,500 on the way
5 ACA31-5023937 RAV4 ACA31W 2007/July 42,412 Peal white 2400cc SOLD  
6 ZGE20-0075095 Wish ZGE20G 2010/July 66,944 SIlver 1800cc $4,250 on the way
7 NCP100-2000881 Ractis NCP100 2010/February 34,201 Silver 1500cc $2,900 on the way
8 ZZT240-0108769 Premio ZZT240 2005/September 61,241 Silver 1800cc SOLD  
9 ACU30-0127809 Harrier ACU30W 2012/ July 47,609 Black 2400cc $7,000 In Japan
10 J200E-0032642 Rush J2000E 2010/October 28,846 Pearl white 1500cc $5,800 In Japan
11 ACU30-0046436 Harrier ACU30W 2006/February 13,556 Pearl 2400cc $6,800 In Japan
12 SHJ-003135 Forester SHJ 2010/November 83,299 Black 2000cc $4,750 In Japan
13 NZE141-6100462 Axio NZE141 2008/August 44,815 Silver 1500cc SOLD  
14 ZRR70-0510966 Noah ZRR70G 2012/June 109,855 Black 2000cc $4,200 In Japan
15 NZE121-0295997 Fielder NZE121G 2004/June 25,494 Beige 1500cc $4,700 In Japan
16 ZRT260-3042022 Premio ZRT260 2008/June 58,706 Silver 1800cc $4,900 In Japan
17 NCP60-0219200 IST NZP60 2005/June 57,155 Silver 1300cc $3,500 In Japan
18 ACA38-5163300 Vanguard ACA38W 2010/July 29,304 Black 2400cc $7,300 In Japan
19 NZT260-3080309 Premio NZT260 2010/August 30,408 Silver 1500cc $5,500 In Japan
20 NHP10-6130340 Aqua NHP10 2013/January 76,344 Gray 1500cc $4,200 In Japan
21 J210E-0034422 Rush J210E 2010/June 109,506 Pearl white 1500cc $5,600 In Japan
22 ACA38-5138739 Vanguard ACA38W 2009/August 78,019 Black 2400cc $6,800 In Japan
23 NCZ20-0127665 Raum NCZ20 2008/August 43,926 Peal white 1500cc $3,500 In Japan
24 J200E-2002995 Rush J200E 2013/November 91,121 Gold 1500cc $6,500 In Japan
25 NZE144-9026449 Fielder NZE144 2010/April 66,761 Black 1500cc $4,500 In Japan
26 NCP91-5183750 Vitz NCP91 2008/February 93,801 Blue 1500cc $3,600 In Japan
27 GH2-041720 Impreza GH2 2010/June 90,457 Pearl white 1500cc $3,200 In Japan
28 SJ5-038411 Forester SJ5 2014/March 82,463 Silver 2000cc $7,500 In Japan

All the cars comes with a $100 Discount Voucher, a T shirt and a rescue kit.

The voucher can be used for their next car purchase within the validity period.

Don’t miss this opportunity and Check Out Great Car Deals Now!

This Sabasaba price valid unitl July 31st (Payment much be confirmed by then).

We hope you will enjoy your car and have a Happy Car Life!


WEINS Toyota Kanagawa

New and Existing Customer Campaign

date: Jan/23/2023(JST)

New and Existing Customer Campaigns!

As we start New Year, we are delighted to bring you the first WEINS Toyota Export Happiness (Two campaigns from January 24th - March 31st, 2023.)

  1.  $150 Discount exclusively for New customers!

  2. A Rescue Kit worth $50 for our Existing Customers!

Here’s how it works.

– For New Customers (Our welcome token of Appreciation)

  •  Register and purchase a car within the campaign period and receive a $150 discount from the total price shown on our website.

  • The $150 is only applicable on your first purchase with us within the campaign period.

  • The campaign is limited to the first 150 New customers only. Hurry before it last!

Please note:

New customers mean customers who have yet to register or purchase directly from us. Customers who have purchased from TCV and Car From Japan but have yet to purchase directly with us.

– For Existing Customers (Our thanks for your Patronage)

  • The campaign is applicable only to registered Members.

  • Purchase a car within the campaign period and get a FREE Rescue Kit worth $50.

  • The Rescue Kit will be shipped together with the car.

  •  The campaign is limited to the first 150 customers only. Hurry before it last!

Rescue Kit features: It’s a must to have a device in your car which will come in handy in case of a car-related emergency or accident. Designed by Toyota Mobility Parts Co., Ltd and adopted by major automobile manufacturers! It combines a 62g CO2 fire extinguisher, a seatbelt cutter and a glass crushing function which are emergency escape functions for automobiles.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility & Campaign Period:

A)       New Customers who register and buy a car with payment confirmation by us are eligible for a $150 discount campaign.

B)       Existing Customers who are registered members and purchased a car with payment confirmation within the campaign period are eligible for a Rescue Kit.

C)       Both campaigns are valid from January 24th – March 31st, 2023.

  1. Confirmation of Payment: Payment must be confirmed by March 31st, 2023.

  2. Both campaigns can be combined with a valid $100 discount voucher.

  3. Both campaigns are applicable per unit purchased from WEINS Toyota Export Website.

  4. $150 is only valid for successful purchases. If there is a refund, the $150 will not be refunded. Only the received amount will be refunded.

  5. Both campaigns are valid for one-time use only.

  6. The campaign is limited to the first 150 New customers and 150 Existing customers. Hurry before it last!

  7. We will not take responsibility in case of the Safety Kit theft at the destination port.

  8. General Terms: This campaign is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited. By joining this campaign, you understand that WEINS Toyota Kanagawa will have the right, where permitted by law, without any further notice, review or consent to publish and use the customers’ name, picture and likeness for promotional purposes without any further compensation.

After shipment, all the customers will receive a $100 Discount Voucher with their car documents which can be used for their next car purchase within the validity period.

We hope you will enjoy your car and have a Happy Car Life!

Don’t miss this opportunity and Check Out Great Car Deals Now!

Vessel Space Availability:20-30 Units for Africa

date: Jan/18/2023(JST)

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for choosing WEINS Toyota Export for your car needs.

We understand booking has been difficult.

This time we managed to get 20-30 units pre-booked.

If you order within the next two weeks, your car will be shipped immediately. No More waiting for shipment.

  • Toyota dealer's stock/ 100% dealer's verified stock

  • 100% hassle and stress-free car buying

  • 100% Genuine stock (majority from trade-ins)

  • Inspected and verified by our technicians 

Check Out Our Second-Hand car Stock from Japan (directly from end users)

Stock List / WEIN Toyota Export


If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

WEINS Toyota Export

About WEINS Toyota Export website Release

date: Jan/11/2023(JST)

Dear Valued Customers,

Happy New Year!

We wish you a Prosperous New Year!


Thank you for your continued patronage throughout 2022.

We are grateful for the business opportunities and celebrate our partnership with you.


From January 1st, 2023, our company name changed from Yokohama Toyopet to WEINS Toyota Kanagawa. To reflect this, our website name will change to WEINS Toyota Export, and the website design will be renewed.


On January 11th, from 10:00 to 11:00 am (JST), the website URL and colors will be changed to reflect the new company image.

Old URL: https://www.yokohamatoyopet.jp/

New URL: https://weinstoyotaexport.jp/


We are excited to start this new chapter and looking forward to creating more happiness through car life.


With the integration, we expect to have more stock as our access to trade-ins cars will increase. The swiftness in doing internal processes will also enable us to serve you better and on time.

We look forward to your continued business and await your Japanese Used Cars orders from Japan.

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards,

Weins Toyota Kanagawa] (Ex. Yokohama Toyopet)

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