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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

General Information

What is WEINS Toyota Kanagawa?
WEINS Toyota Kanagawa, part of the Weins Group companies, is the No.1 Toyota franchise car dealer in Kanagawa, Japan. Established in 1956, the company is a champion in selling both New and used cars. Since then, we have grown to become one of the largest automotive groups in Japan and Canada. Weins Group operates over 184 automotive shops, employs over 8,500 people worldwide, and sells over 50,000 units per year (including Canada). Our "customers first" philosophy has helped us establish a very positive reputation among our customers and obtain quality used cars/vehicles for export through trade-ins. We are a proud Kanagawa prefecture SDGs partner.
Does WEINS Toyota Kanagawa own its stocks of Japanese used cars or have showrooms?
YES, under the Weins Group, there are more than 184 automotive showrooms for both New and used cars. We own all the stocks either in our shops and or the listed stocks. Our main strong area being Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. Through our showrooms, we sell over 50,000 units annual and other car-related goods, services, maintenance packages, camping cars and goods, insurance, etc. Please note that all the listed vehicles on our site (export site) are only for export and are from Japan. We cannot sell our cars wholesale in Japan.
How Does WEINS Toyota Kanagawa obtain its stock?
All of our stocks are genuine from trade-ins only cars buyback (New and used). Most of those units have been serviced and maintained by us. Thus, we know those cars history, enabling us to choose vehicles of good quality at reasonable prices. On the other hand, we never buy from auction houses.
How do I send an offer and negotiate?
You can send an offer and or negotiate through our website. After you choose from our Japanese Used cars stock list, you will need to fill out the required information under the stock picture of the car you are interested in. Otherwise, you can use the Inquiry form to send us to direct your offer/inquiry.
How do I trust the WEINS Toyota Kanagawa?
"We are legally existing company established since 1956 employing over 2,000 employees and with the Kanagawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission Number 451330000370 here in Japan. In 2019 we sold 29,044 units in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. We are also registered and listing our stock with TCV (tradecarview), where we must hand in several official documents such as our business license to display on their website. Here is our company profile (Japanese only)

Incoterms for Buying Japanese Used cars

What are Incoterms?
Incoterms is an abbreviation word for "International Commerce Terms". They are the standard trade terms and phrases which you should be aware of before starting the transaction. Would you please read the below incoterms and get accustomed to them as they will be frequently used during the transaction?
FOB (Free on board)/ FOB Price
"FOB" is an Incoterms which the seller covers costs, risks as well as clearance for export at the port of loading. The FOB price includes product price, domestic transportation and customs clearance in Japan. FOB price does not include costs for shipping outside Japan or cover for shipping insurance. Therefore, the buyer must bear all the costs and risks of loss or damage of the goods from the loading port.
CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight)/ CIF Price
"CIF/CIF price" means that the quotation or invoice amount includes Cost (FOB Price), Insurance, and Freight until the final designated port. The CIF does not include the custom clearance costs, import taxes and duties, etc., at the final destination. The buyer covers the risks of loss or damage of goods and any other charges at the final destination.
C&F (Cost and Freight)/ C&F Price
"C&F/C&F price" means that the quotation or invoice amount includes Cost and Freight until the final designated port. The C&F does not include the marine insurance, custom clearance costs, import taxes and duties, etc., at the final destination. The buyer covers the risks of loss or damage of goods and any other charges at the final destination.
Bill of Lading (B/L)
"Bill of Lading" is a document issued by a carrier (shipping company) to prove that the product was received and shipped out. The B/L will mention product description, final destination port, and recipient specifies the conditions for transport and will act as a contract of carriage. B/L will allow you to receive your car at the port.
An invoice is a payment request document that we will issue to you regarding a particular car. It includes your name, address, details of the product, quantity, price, delivery point, charges and other significant transaction details. An Invoice will give you the exclusive rights to purchase that product if we confirm your payment within the given deadline.
Consignee Details (Consignee Name)
The Consignee is the details of the person purchasing the car or the next owner of the vehicle. The Consignee details must be as per your national ID as they will reflect on the Bill of Lading. Any mistakes will cause a delay in clearing the car or failure to receive the vehicle at the port. If you wish to change the consignee name, please notify us before we dispatch the original documents.
Notify Party
Notify Party is the details of the Party that should be informed upon arrival of your car at the port. It can be the same as Consignee, or it can be the details of a local logistics agent that helps you clear the car from the port.
Telegraphic Transfer (T/T copy)
After you do your Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), your bank will provide you with a receipt of payment called a T/T copy. You have to share a T/T copy with us within 48 hours since the invoice was issued to confirm the unit reservation.
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Some countries require your car to undergo conformity inspection before shipment (pre-shipment inspection) to check if it meets your country import regulations. When a vehicle passes the inspection, a valid certificate will be issued with full details of the chassis number, make, and model. Please inform us if you will need an inspection.
"ETD means":- "Estimated Time of Departure" and is the date your car is expected to depart from Japan.
ETA means":-"Estimated Time of Arrival", and it is the date your car is expected to arrive in the final destination port.
Export Certificate
Export Certificate is a car document that certifies the legality of the unit exported from Japan. This document will be used during the registration of your car in your country.

Registration Process

Does it cost to register to WEINS Toyota Export?
NO Registration is 100% FREE, and it's easy to register. Please refer to the how-to register for more details
How can I become a member of WEINS Toyota Export?

To become a member of WEINS Toyota Export, you need to register. Please follow the below instructions on how to register to send Inquiries.


  1. Fill the registration form on weinstoyotaexport.jp by using the below link:
    ※ You will need to enter your basic information to complete the registration.
  2. Activate your account by verifying your email address by clicking the link on the confirmation email sent to you from WEINS Toyota Export. The activation must be done within 24 hours after your registration with us.
  3. Login to send your inquiries for the units you are interested in. Your dream car is just a click away.
How can I reset my password?

If you forgot your password, you could obtain a new password by resetting it;
Here is the Password Reset Link.


  1. Click the "Forgot your password?" option located below the password text box.


Can I buy a Japanese used car as a private buyer?
Yes, we sell to individuals. Please not that, we may have very limited information about your country's Used cars Import regulations. We cannot offer advice on the method you use to acquire a car or introduce you to a car dealer. Depending on the country, you may not be able to import some car models. You need to check your country's used cars import regulations before you begin the purchasing process.
※We shoulld not be hold accountable for any information we provide in assisting you acquire your car. It's the buyer's responsibility to check and confirm the import regulations before purchasing a used car.
Can I buy Japanese used car/ cars that are not listed in your stock?
Yes, you can. Please click Inquiry on the top page, and send us detail.
Do you give any warranty for the vehicles?
No, we don't give any warranty, but we disclose any interior/exterior damage, the distance the car has been driven, etc. We report this information in accordance with our vehicle grading system (Inspection grade) by our inspector after doing general maintenance, so you can understand the condition of the car you are buying.
Do you accept cancellation?
Please consult with us regarding the refund matter. However, it should be noted that after shipment, no money will be refunded.

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