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About WEINS Toyota Kanagawa

No.1 Toyota franchise Car Dealer in Kanagawa Japan selling New and Certified Used Vehicles. As a Toyota dealer since 1956, we pride ourselve in creating New Happiness of Car Life by proving automobile solutions to meet our customers on growing demands.

We aim to provide high-quality Japanese Used Cars (100% trade-ins) from Japan to all over the world as a used japanese vehicles exporter.

Be Smart and Get Exclusive Access to buy selected, verified, inspected and trusted japanese second hand vehicles directly from a Toyota Authorized Dealer`s stock!

Why not experiences 100% stress-free importing and buying used cars directly from Authorized Toyota Dealer with peace of mind?

WEINS Toyota Kanagawa has been a leading Toyota dealer in Kanagawa since 1956. Under Weins Group network, we meet a wide range of customer needs, from Toyota cars and serrvices to imported cars. As we live up to our slogan, "We Create New Happiness." we hope to find your dream car and extend our car life happiness to the world.

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